Student Support
Science foundationhasbeenconstitutedwithanaimofpopularizing science among undergraduate students. It organizes interactive lectures by eminent personalities in scientific field to motivate and encourage students.It strives to stimulate interestin science among students by organizing hands on workshops and providing them exposure to various scientific techniques and equipments. It also caters to queries and apprehensions of young minds about research prospects in future and inspires them to take up research as their career.

Robotics club
It is aimed to create interest amongst students about the recent trends in technology. It deals with the design, construction, operation, structural disposition, manufacture and application of robots. It mainly focuses on stimulating the learning of students by organizinghandsonworkshop for them.

The Quizing Society
It is an initiative of Student Activity Board for organizing and encouraging participation of students in Quiz events.It endeavors to kindle intellectual fervor among students by providing them various platforms at intra-college level as well as inter University and Nationallevel